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Equifax Review

Of the three major credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian and Equifax Equifax has been around the longest. Indeed, while the other two are just over 30 years old, Equifax has been around since 1899. Even in those days, consumer information regarding reliability was being gathered. Equifax has evolved over the past century to embrace online technology and offer tools for consumers to manage their credit and keep track of their financial histories.

Consumer credit services offered by Equifax

One of the things that Equifax is known for is its vast arsenal of tools meant to help the consumer understand and better manage credit. Of course, the biggest offerings from Equifax are the credit report and the credit score. Both of these items are of supreme importance in personal finances. Equifax offers personal credit reports, as well as 3-in-1 reports from the other two bureaus.

While a credit report normally costs money, there are ways to get a free credit report from Equifax:

  • Free annual credit report. Every year, each of the three major credit bureaus is required to give you a free credit report. Equifax is one of those, and so each year it is possible to get a free report from the company. It is important to note that you will have to pay for the credit score in most cases.
  • Credit application denied. This method of obtaining a free credit report is much less pleasant. If you were denied credit based on the information in your Equifax credit report, the company has to send you a free copy of your report if you ask for it within 60 days.

There are more consumer credit services offered by Equifax. One of them includes helping you develop the tools necessary to avoid identity theft or fraud. Another service offered by Equifax is help with making major purchases. This service helps you understand the effect a major purchase can have on your credit, and offers helpful hints for making wise purchases.

Another interesting offering from Equifax is the Credit Ranking product. This allows you to see how you rank with others in the country, and compare yourself. It is a great way to see where you are at in terms of credit. You can also use the Home Valuator to help you determine whether you are getting a good deal on a home you are planning to buy.

In addition to specific products and services, Equifax also offers a number of helpful financial terms, tutorials and articles. These education tools can help you learn about credit: what it is used for and how to improve it.

Business services offered by Equifax

In addition to consumer services, Equifax also offers business solutions. Decisioning, direction marketing and business to business solutions are all available. On tops of that, Equifax also helps businesses by selling them information regarding some consumers that are well qualified for certain loans and products. You can be removed from this list, however, by contacting Equifax and making the request.

It is plain to see why Equifax has lasted for more than 100 years. The company truly is in good company, and one that can help consumers make more wise decisions.

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